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Coppens Kenpo Karate

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Last Updated:Sat, Mar 8, 2014


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Ready to learn the Martial arts? Rich Coppens' Kenpo Karate Studio, located in Southeastern PA offers small group lessons. The Studio is unique in its approach to teaching the art of Karate, not just to be able to mimic techniques but to be able to learn the full value of a complete and complex system that works your mind and body in unison for self protection, self reliance, strength and focus. The classes are small, the attention is personal and the training is as intense as you can handle. In addition to Kenpo, the Karate Studio also offers Boxing and Jiu Jitsu to present a complete package of self defense training opportunities for students. Each of the fighting arts have value on their own as well as a complement to Kenpo training. Boxing improves strength, speed and endurance while Jiu Jitsu is a natural addition to Kenpo, addressing the need to defend oneself from the ground in a position where traditional karate techniques would not apply.

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