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DUI Colorado

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ACI Counseling offers a variety of behavioral health programs to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors or anyone in need. Our therapeutic services include a community wellness program, outpatient services, life coaching, parenting classes, intensive and enhanced outpatient programs, senior services, offender programs, and minor in possession and petty theft classes. Treatment is available for mental health illnesses, substance abuse disorders, or any behavioral health problems. Our staff includes high quality licensed professionals, therapists, and counselors to help compose a treatment plan specific to each client. Our treatment aims to relieve behavioral health symptoms, encourage clients to develop a plan of care that will work for them, expand the access and delivery of care, along with offering a low cost treatment option to our community. We also offer D.U.I. and D.W.A.I. $10.00 class Monday - Friday. Must use code 99 for the right department! we also have a free RX Card

anger management, aod evaluation, behavioral health, dui classes, dwai classes, mental health illnesses, relapse prevention

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