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Last Updated:Thu, Feb 16, 2017


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Mission Statement: ExtraEats is an innovative app which strives to prevent food waste, a growing issue in the United States today. By introducing a quick and easy food donation process, ExtraEats provides an outlook for our society and takes us one step closer to solving the issue of food waste. A business or food provider will be able to upload a "plate", which represents the food that is being donated. Consumers around the U.S. can sign up and view these plates on the app. ExtraEats acts as a bridge between the companies and consumers, and it aims to benefit both parties as well as the environment. Our world is changing quickly, and our resources are depleting. With ExtraEats, we can conserve our resources and learn to value the food we produce rather than waste it. Start helping our environment and sign up for ExtraEats!

conserving resources, food donation, food waste prevention, save the environment

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