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Ethical Decision Making

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Last Updated:Thu, Aug 3, 2017


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The FIORD Method App is designed to both aid users in making wise ethical decisions, and as a training tool, to help students develop a greater sensitivity to ethical issues by engaging them in critical thinking exercises that reflect what they will face in their future careers. This app asks specific constructive and analytic questions to guide the student through the ethical aspects of a decision, and help weigh the considerations that will impact the student's choice for course of action in an ethical dilemma (see: app flowchart). The questions will be presented in the following two steps: Step 1: Questions to Frame the Ethical Dilemma What is the nature of the ethical "wrong" being alleged in this case? Do you agree or disagree that this alleged wrong is in fact a serious moral offense? What is your assessment of the soundness of the charge, and what are your recommendations? Step 2: Analyze the ethical issues by following FIORD Method questions.

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