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Katch Kan works with industry oil and gas companies and drilling contractors to ensure access to tangible, efficient, safe and proactive solutions to prevent the loss of drilling fluids and the contamination of drilling sites. The patented Zero Spill System (ZSS)™ TM not only captures drilling fluids but assists in the prevention of the need to go fishing for dropped objects down the well bore. Initial testing of the revolutionary Rig Safety System (RSS)™ and Zero Spill System included a positive return on investment. It revealed that not only were Operating Companies reducing long term contamination liabilities, but were able to recycle expensive drilling fluids, thus leading to lower operating costs with minimal impact at the well site. The upstream oil and gas drilling sector finally has a proactive green initiative that works. Quinn Holtby, President & CEO, Katch Kan Ltd., leads a Core Certified, ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified Company that is proud to produce a wide variety of prod

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