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Palitha Ariyarathna

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Palitha Ariyarathna (born May 18, 1974 in Kandy, Sri Lanka) is an Srilankan author and speaker known for his books New Challenge for Buddhism (Buddha Sasanayata Athi Nawa Abiyoga), Invisible Destructive force Behind Vanishing Nation (Helaya wanasana Adisi Balwega), and A Sinhala Buddhist reply to the lessons learnt and reconciliation commission (Ugath Padam saha Prathisandhanaya comisam saba varthawa sandaha sihala bodu pilithurak),Sihala Investigation (Sihala Vimasuma),Forgotten Sky (English Poetry),The truth never be hidden(Sathya Kissida Wasan Kala Nohaka) Sinhala Poetry Early life Palitha Ariyarathna grew up in Kandy Srilanka and raised in Srilanka to Buddhist's Parent. Being Buddhist himself, he was taught the true value of life, peace and harmony. He attended Wariypola Sri Sumangala Collage that has a long history about 131 years. School was originated under the name of St Paul's as and a junior school to Trinity Collage Kandy.Later School was named as 'Wariypola Sri Sumangala'

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