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Telugu Astrology

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Last Updated:Sun, Apr 6, 2014


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Namaste! పంతుల వెంకట రాధాకృష్ణ అను నేను మరియు నా సతీమణి పరాక్రిజయ అను పేరిట రచనలు చేయుచున్నాము. ఇప్పటికి బాలల రామాయణము, సుధారామం, అమ్మకు అక్షరాంజలి అను మూడు పుస్తకములు ఆవిష్కృతమైనవి. మరియు ఇరువురము జ్యోతిష్య ప్రవృత్తిలో ఉన్నాము. Pantula Venkata Radhakrishna known as "Parakri" with his Pen name, in so many Periodicals and his Articals are Print Media in Between 1985 - 1995. He came from a esteemed family of scholars and astrologers.he married jaya maheswari in 1988. She is also a poetess & astrologer. The both came from one family their fore father's " Sri Pantula Viswanadham " (Panchanga kartha ) and P.L.N.Sastry (well known sahiti vedanti. And the couple maintaining 5 blogs in electronic media and got acquaintance with public, by astrological Quarts. As the way of life science 1995. And their Books were published. Serving the society with their valuable suggestions and giving yantra's, rakshas, mantras to the need and greedy.

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