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Last Updated:Sun, Dec 25, 2016


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Trinity Square Video was founded in 1971 and incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable corporation in 1976, is one of Canada’s oldest artist-run centres and one of its first media-arts centres. Our Board of directors and membership are all established, mid-career and emerging media artists, including our staff and management. In the seventies, Trinity Square provided artists access to emerging video technologies, offering space for experimentation and activism. In the early eighties, Trinity Square fostered some of the world’s first artistic experimentation with Telidon systems (a broadcast medium for computer generated images that preceded the internet), giving birth to the organization that would later become InterAccess. Today, Trinity Square is a leader in contemporary discourse around emerging technologies, the impact of screen-based media on our daily lives, post-internet practices, and new media curation, while still retaining the founders commitment to socially engaged work.

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