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UltraFlex ON-THE-GO

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Last Updated:Wed, Jun 28, 2017


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UltraFlex on the go is an app that will put in the palm of your hand all of the tools necessary to achieve optimal health and wellness. Access a variety of workouts that take 30 minutes or less. These workouts will hit cardio, full-body resistance training, functional movements, therapy and yoga all in under 30 minutes. Combine the workouts with the exercise guides and the nutrition guide and now in the palm of your hands lies the keys of looking good and feeling good. For those who love to workout at your local fitness club. Use the UltraFlex™ in those moments to where you are either on the road or where there is a shortage of time. Because of the portable design of the UltraFlex™ and the on the go app, You will literally have a virtual gym that you can take with you anywhere and access when and where you want.

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